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  • Where to Stay in Tallinn?

    31/10/2019 by

    So you’re planning a trip to Tallinn and you’re wondering where to stay? Good news. Tallinn’s districts cater to different budgets and styles. Better yet, Tallinn is tiny. 159.3 km². Brisbane’s about 100 times greater than Tallinn! This means, all of the following districts are within walking distance to the main attraction – Tallinn Old Town.… Read more

  • Solo trip to Prague.

    19/10/2019 by

    Your solo trip to Prague, #Czechia could be boring or even scary if you’re not prepared. Want to avoid scams and enjoy Prague? Read on to experience “Paris of the East” in a unique way. You’ll learn a lot about Czechia from this post. I promise! But first a little background story. Why Prague? In… Read more

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