UberEats Lockdown Day 3/3

We’re finally here. Day 3 of 3. If you haven’t read the other blogs about UberEats refer to Day 1 and Day 2 too. Otherwise read on about the final day delivering UberEats during Brisbane’s lockdown and how much I earnt! Instead of coffee today begins with beetroot… Apparently it goes together with cycling and food delivery just as much as coffee does. Let’s talk about the deliveries and the final earnings. Signing on this morning and for the first time the UberEats app asks me to take a selfie with my mask on. It’s not that I support maskContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 3/3”

UberEats Lockdown Day 2/3

Good morning! As always we’ll start the day with coffee. Straight black. “All the Euros drink Espresso”. After coffee we’re going to deliver somewhere else. We’re leaving delivery jobs in the suburbs of Brisbane. Instead – we’re going to do what the foreigners do – head straight to the CBD. Brisbane City that is. Let’s take a look at how the day went. Haven’t read DAY 1? Click here: Heading into the city this morning I knew from the map there wouldn’t be boosts. Which is fine. I was however hoping for frequent jobs within a short distance. I’veContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 2/3”

UberEats Lockdown Day 1/3

It’s a slow Friday morning. I’m avoiding logging in to my “regular job” after a busy week. Overcast clouds, a little rain and a perfect coffee in hand set the morning’s mood. “Mate, are you watching the news? Bro. We’re locking down for 3 days. COVID”. So you guessed it – I did the UberEats thing. Scroll down to see my earnings. 😃 Sydney and Melbourne copped most of the brunt in Australia. Brisbane, until now has been spared. But still, we’ve all learnt enough from the prior panic buying of Yester-year. A 3 day lockdown? This can only meanContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 1/3”

Outsource To-Do-List on Fiverr

Take a look at your “to-do-list”. Stressed? Well now imagine you don’t need to do any of those things on your to-do-list. Better? Welcome to Fiverr, the global platform for freelancers offering their gigs starting as low as $5. Whatever you’re into, someone on Fiverr is probably ready to do it for you. Is Fiverr Worth It? Yes it’s worth it! Let’s look at my to-do-list (below). Some of these tasks are pretty complicated. And if you’re like anything like me you may find yourself tasked with something you can’t actually do very well. So why do it at allContinue reading “Outsource To-Do-List on Fiverr”

12 Months with Bondora

Happy new year! Head uut asstat. Let’s make 2021 better than 2020 starting with our financial goals. This post is my experience with Bondora. I made 286.36€ as passive income. Read either the short version or the long story which covers the entire experience (not just the numbers). Found this post to be useful? Show your support by signing up to Bondora via my referral link: Short Story: The Numbers 15/01/2020: Opened Account 15/01/2020: 100€ Deposited 15/01/2020: 10€ Deposited 16/01/2020 – 29/01/2020: 0.02€ daily Go & Grow returns 30/01/2020: €4,999 Deposited 30/01/2020: 0.02€ Go & Grow returns. 31/01/2020 –Continue reading “12 Months with Bondora”

Lithuania: Palanga, Kaunas and Vilnius

Planning to travel through the Baltic States? I skipped the typical Baltic Cruise option and instead travelled by road from Estonia, through Latvia and into Lithuania. This is my experience visiting 3 destinations in Lithuania (Palanga, Kaunas and Vilnius) and why I’d recommend travelling in the opposite direction. Let’s begin! Viljandi, Estonia to Palanga, Lithuania: 500 Ks Our journey begins departing Viljandi, Estonia for the first destination – Palanga, #Lithuania. The first part of the drive was fine. I mean, the very first part. The bit through Karksi-Niua’s rolling hills, open fields and eventually over the border to #Latvia. Initially,Continue reading “Lithuania: Palanga, Kaunas and Vilnius”

Bolt Bicycle Courier: Tallinn My 200€ Challenge. 1/2

Have you ever noticed those guys riding around on bicycles with massive cube bags and wondered? You know, how does one become a courier? How much would you make per delivery? What’s it like in #Estonia? UPDATE! 2021 Bolt now pays ~ 3EUR per delivery. I’m also earning with Bondora 💶 I’m now also making money with Bondora. Get 5EUR for free if you open a Bondora account here: Since writing this blog post the rides are now paying about 3EUR per delivery. Use a Bondora Go & Grow account (pays 6+ %) to boost your Bolt earnings. ByContinue reading “Bolt Bicycle Courier: Tallinn My 200€ Challenge. 1/2”

Cycling with Bolt: How I Made 200€ Behind Bars in Tallinn! 2/2

Hey, remember the last post covered everything you need to know about joining Bolt as a Courier. This post’s where the action is! #Estonia So how did it go? Did I reach that 200€ gross goal? UPDATE 2020: Bolt now pays 3EUR per delivery + I earn with Bondora Bolt’s promotional rate has finished, they now pay 3EUR per delivery. You can get 5EUR free when you open a Bondora account. Learn how I made 160EUR as passive income in Bondora blog here: Early Morning in the Village Blasting through my little village around 8:00 with Bolt gear onContinue reading “Cycling with Bolt: How I Made 200€ Behind Bars in Tallinn! 2/2”

European Sabbatical

Running into an old friend when it’s been a while. A long while. You know the feeling. “so what have you been up to?”, you’re lost for words. So much has happened… This is where we’re at right now, you and I. As the new year begins I’m reflecting on my European sabbatical. I’m asking myself “so what have you been up to?”. Well, many things. A lot of things… This year concludes my life-long dream finally realised. 2019 was the year I lived in Europe! I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I “sold everything I owned”Continue reading “European Sabbatical”

100 Reasons to Visit Estonia

1. It’s Medieval AF! 2. Day trips to Helsinki! 3. The Forests and Fresh Air 4. Estonian Design is Cool! 5. It’s Europe on a Budget 6. You’re Single? 7. You like Smart People 8. You Drink Craft Beer 9. Luxury Spa Hotels… 10. Because… Hipster Cafés 11. Personal Space and Privacy! 12. Mushroom Season 13. One of Largest Folk Music Festivals in Europe 14. European Sauna Marathon 15. Startup Capital of Europe 16. The Estonian Language 17. They Speak English and German and Russian 18. Jaanipäev, Saint John’s Day, Midsummer 19. Rye Bread. Try it! 20. Day trips toContinue reading “100 Reasons to Visit Estonia”

How Much Money I Spent in Estonia

Want to know how much money you need to live in Estonia? Short answer: you need 20,000€ – 25,000€ p.a. Well, kind of. It depends. “How long is a piece of string?“. How much money (“raha”) you need depends on your lifestyle, where you live and whether or not you have a serious caffeine addiction among other things. No surprises right? This is a long post, here’s a few subheadings you can scroll to if you don’t want to read the entire thing: 20,000€ – 25,000€? My Situation How I Spent Money in Estonia Travel Expenses: 6,000€ Food & Drink:Continue reading “How Much Money I Spent in Estonia”

Cyprus and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

1 October 2019. Today #Cyprus celebrates its independence. The other week, a wedding invitation saw me flying to Paphos. I’d never planned to visit Cyprus and so I’d not given it much thought. As I read about Cyprus I soon realised I was in for an interesting trip. I wondered if Cyprus is part of Europe or Greece. What’s Turkey got to do with Cyprus? How does Cyprus have a UK connection? What’s Cyprus like? Cyprus is a culturally Greek (partly Turkish) Mediterranean island in the Middle East. Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Turkey are all geographically closer to Cyprus thanContinue reading “Cyprus and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”

Prague, Czech Republic

Your solo trip to Prague, #Czechia could be boring or even scary if you’re not prepared. Want to avoid scams and enjoy Prague? Read on to experience “Paris of the East” in a unique way. You’ll learn a lot about Czechia from this post. I promise! But first a little background story. Why Prague? In August I published “Decide where in Europe I’ll go next!“. My subscribers voted from a list of cities. Prague won. A few months later, true to my promise, I flew to Prague! Here’s how I experienced Prague: Sunrises & “Přílety”: The Airport to Prague airBaltic’s earlyContinue reading “Prague, Czech Republic”

Estonian e-Residency & TRP

I’ve always wanted to live in Europe but was born with the wrong passport. If you’re non-EU and looking at applying for a D Visa / TRP or you’re curious about about Estonia’s eResidency this post is for you. These days I travel between Australia and Europe every year. It’s been like this since 2006. My first trip to Estonia was a day-trip out of Finland. The second time I met a girl and opened a bank account. Fast forward a few years and suddenly I’m married to an Estonian, I own property and have established a small business inContinue reading “Estonian e-Residency & TRP”

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