Cheap Ferry Tickets Tallinn-Helsinki

If you’re travelling by ferry between Tallinn and Helsinki this blog post will save you money. Better yet, it’ll cost you nothing to follow. If you’re even thinking you *might* want to visit Helsinki or Tallinn in the future, I suggest you read on as it’ll be better for you to have followed these steps ahead of time. #Estonia #Finland

Let’s read on!

Tip about Ferry Terminals

While Tallinn basically has a single departure terminal Helsinki has 3 separate terminals. Terminal names vary depending on what language you’re speaking. While everything in Helsinki generally has 2 names (one for Finnish and another for Swedish) occasionally a terminal might also have an English name. Länsiterminaali for example might be called “West Terminal”. It’s annoying. I wish English tickets simply referred to the Finnish names for ease of navigation… But anyway, back to getting cheap tickets:

Consider Your Options

Before we get into a little trick – check your options. There’s basically 3 companies operating the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry route. Tallink, VikingLine and Eckerö Line.

Tallink MS Superstar, Tallinn: Estonia.

Tallink is one of the best but not the cheapest. You can join their Club One membership for the occasional deal. I do like the company but there’s 2 main problems with it. Firstly, the price isn’t that great and secondly I’ve had several problems actually paying for tickets with Tallink. Their online ticket purchasing function doesn’t work very well.

Viking Line XPRS.

VikingLine is my favourite. Their prices are pretty fair although you do need to perform a couple of tricks to get a decent deal. I love that VikingLine arrives in Helsinki’s Skatuddens Terminal in Katajanokka. It’s the most convenient I feel. When I get off the ferry I like that there’s a tram to the CBD or City Bikes (in the summer). Usually there’s TIER or Lime Scooters around too.

Eckerö Line M/S Finlandia, Tallinn: Estonia.

Eckerö Line is alright. I just feel they’re a little on the “no-frills” side. It’s improved a lot in recent years. Often Eckerö Line can have some cheap prices and they offer departure/arrival times different from Tallink and VikingLine.

Having told you what the options are. You’ll first need to check the prices of each of the ferry operators. Once you’ve got those written down – let’s move onto a little trick concerning VikingLine.

Viking Line’s Trick

Viking Line has a “Viking Line Club” membership, which is free to join, it costs nothing at all. You basically fill in your details online and the membership gives you access to some pretty decent prices.

But there’s a catch.

The “Viking Line Club” signup and login is *not* available on the English version of the website. So basically, there’s a good chance you’re paying more simply by accessing the Viking Line website in English.

If you’re eager enough to find some cheap tickets with Viking Line Club you’ll need to use the Estonian version of the website. If you’re a tight arse willing to navigate the site in one of the hardest languages in the world (for English speakers) continue on!

Instructions for Viking Line Club

Step 1: Change it to Estonian. “Eesti”.

Step 2: Click “Viking Line Club” – and then “Registreeru” to register. Complete the form to join. Use your real email address and keep track of your Club Membership Number. You need this.

Step 3: Once you’ve joined and you’ve clicked the “activation link” VikingLine sent you – log in as a Club One Member at:

Step 4: You can now either wait for a promotional email to arrive which will have a special link. Once you click on that link you’ll see prices around 5-20€. Some of the special links contain discount codes which you can sometimes pick up off an internet search too. Keep an eye out for those.

Proof It Works

Here’s a little demonstration of the savings. For this example, let’s look at a ticket Tallinn – Helsinki on 19/9/2019:

Tallink: Departing 07:30, 10:30, 12:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30 and 22:30 (17€ – 29€).

Eckerö: Departing 6:00 (15€), 12:00 (10€) or 18:30 (10€).

VikingLine: 07:00 (12€), 17:00 (17€) [without membership, no discount codes], and finally – using my Viking Line Membership and Discount Code: #####, the price came to just 5€.

Important Note: sometimes you’ll need a voucher to use certain codes, it’s an example only. You can use one of the other codes Viking Line will email to your account now that you’re a Viking Line member. Their codes are usually attached to the booking URLs contained in their emails.

Saving on Travel: Viking Line.

Did I end up saving you any money at all? Let me know in the comments below. Want more travel discounts? Visit my “Rewards” page for discounts on Airbnb,, Bolt Ride Share, Wolt Food and much more. All free.

Head Reisi!

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