Outsource To-Do-List on Fiverr

Take a look at your “to-do-list”. Stressed? Well now imagine you don’t need to do any of those things on your to-do-list. Better? Welcome to Fiverr, the global platform for freelancers offering their gigs starting as low as $5. Whatever you’re into, someone on Fiverr is probably ready to do it for you.

Is Fiverr Worth It?

Yes it’s worth it! Let’s look at my to-do-list (below). Some of these tasks are pretty complicated. And if you’re like anything like me you may find yourself tasked with something you can’t actually do very well. So why do it at all then? Seriously. I used Fiverr to achieve all of my to-do-list items below. Let’s take a closer look at each gig and how much I paid on Fiverr.

  • Printable Marketing Flyer: Create a Referral Flyer for UberEats
  • Draft a Blog Post: Get my Next Blog Post (about UberEats) Drafted
  • Write Code in PowerShell: Get a Script Written in PowerShell Coding Language
  • Create a Side-Gig: Create a Shipping Side-Gig for Australian Expats

Task 1: Create a Marketing Flyer

I used a Fiverr freelancer to design an attractive marketing flyer for UberEats. Marian from Estonia provided me a draft overnight and made changes without fuss. She included a QR code and sized the flyer to my preferences. It cost me $13.75. I didn’t need to lift a finger. I simply clicked on the appropriate gig. Wrote to her explaining what I wanted. I provided some example images I liked and that was it. Too easy!

$400 Reward for New Delivery Partners on UberEats: https://bit.ly/JoinUberEats

Task 2: Write a Blog Post

Did you know books, magazines and blog posts are sometimes written by “ghost writers“? Yep. It’s possible to hire a Freelancer on Fiverr to write a short article or even an entire book! I hired Saima from Pakistan to write my next blog post about delivering UberEats as a side-gig. Hiring Saima was incredibly easy. I clicked on her blog writting gig, provided a little bit of detail around what I was looking for and that was it. Turn around took about a day. It cost me $7.97! I’m extremely grateful.

Draft of Blog Post written by Saima (freelancer from Fiverr).

You’ll get to read our blog post a little later when I publish it. Naturally I’m adding my finishing touches and images but I could easily post it as-is.

Task 3: PowerShell Coding Script

The next Fiverr Freelancer came out of Israel. He’s a programmer. Now most Digital Nomads are probably aware of the widely published #LearnToCode movement. There’s no doubting the benefits of automating the boring stuff through scripts. PowerShell and Python are wonderful, powerful tools that save time. However, the reality is that coding is difficult and it takes a lot of time.

So what can you do to get the benefits of automation without having to put in the hours to learn code yourself? Simple. Hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you. For $7.97 Nahumella was able to write a specific piece of code which automated a few repetitive functions I previously performed in Excel. Basically the script stores a range of Excel column names into an ARRAY and then uses a FOR EACH loop to delete those columns from the raw data packages I work with. It’s complicated – but the point isn’t. I didn’t need to lift a finger! Nahumella provided (at no extra cost) easy to read documentation which explained how the code works and 2 alternative approaches. That’s good service.

Task 4: Create a Potential Side-Gig

Hiring a freelancer on Fiverr is easy. It’s just as easy to start your own side gig on Fiverr too. Having noticed how many of my fellow expatriates pined for Australiana products I’ve experimented with my own side-gig. Within minutes I’ve created a shipping service similar. Sure you could start your own company and do this service that way though via Fiverr I don’t need to worry about handling payments or advertising or running costs – the platform will take care of that for me.

Click to view my Gig. Are you an Aussie living abroad? I will Buy and Send you anything from Australia. 🙂

Making money on Fiverr is outside my skillset and experience at this point but you can read more about this on Fiverr’s own site here: Start Selling on Fiverr

Cost Benefits & Conclusion?

Doing things you dislike or aren’t good at is a waste of time

Yes of course you need to pay people to do things on Fiverr. It’s work after all. However, before looking at the cost – try to think about how expensive it is not to use Fiverr. Doing things on your own (especially things you’re not good at) is actually pretty expensive. Think for a second about how long it would take you to design a marketing flyer? Sure it seems easy but if it turns out you’re likely to spend a few hours on it – you’re probably wasting your time.

Freelancers are very efficient

Multi-tasking was a popular thing in the 90s. But we all know in reality we often can’t do multiple things at the same time. However, we can hire multiple freelancers to work individually on different tasks at the same time. All of the tasks I achieved through Fiverr were done around the same period of time. There’s simply no way I could have done it all by myself in a short period of time. However with Fiverr I was able to get my to-do-list done and dusted without breaking a sweat!

Join Fiverr

Sign up to Fiverr here: https://www.bit.ly/JoinFiverr100

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