UberEats Lockdown Day 1/3

It’s a slow Friday morning. I’m avoiding logging in to my “regular job” after a busy week. Overcast clouds, a little rain and a perfect coffee in hand set the morning’s mood. “Mate, are you watching the news? Bro. We’re locking down for 3 days. COVID”. So you guessed it – I did the UberEats thing. Scroll down to see my earnings. 😃

Sydney and Melbourne copped most of the brunt in Australia. Brisbane, until now has been spared. But still, we’ve all learnt enough from the prior panic buying of Yester-year. A 3 day lockdown? This can only mean 1 thing. Toilet paper! I head to the shops to get my groceries.

I’m back in two hours or so. I managed to get a bit of footage from the shops. It’s chaos. Lines remind me of the soviet era. In fact. I heard one woman refer to it as “the bread line”. LOL. My time in Tallinn taught me a thing or two. Elbows out. I ploughed through the locals like snow. Even had time for a quick hair cut (basically a shave).

Always an opportunist – I filmed “the bread line” and uploaded it to Pond5. You know – in hope that it’ll sell. I wrote to Pond5 and explain the sensitivity / urgency of the footage. It was approved in no time. I also quickly joined Shuttershock. They hated it. Declined the footage for various reasons.

Screenshot from “The Bread Line” to Coles, Brisbane. Full 4K Video available on Pond5.https://www.pond5.com/artist/jaiven
Getting Geared up for UberEats. Interested in my Cycling gear? Check this post out: https://jaiven.travel.blog/cycling/

After work I geared up for my beloved side gig. UberEats. Masks are compulsory. Unfortunately. I ducked into City Beach and bought a “sports mask”. No, you can’t breath that well at all and I don’t recommend it. It sucks… Here’s how the UberEats experience went:

Ah the classic Maccas Run. Always a safe bet on UberEats. Some days I just run in and out of Maccas and Maccas only. It’s pretty easy to stick to one restaurant. Want to ride for UberEats? Click here to join and earn a $400 sign up bonus: https://www.bit.ly/JoinUberEats
As you can see I’m so stressed at my side gig…
Pretty chilled atmosphere… Especially for a busy restaurant.
It’s in the bag mate. This is the old bag I’ve still got from my time in Estonia where I rode for Bolt. Unfortunately Bolt isn’t in Australia. But UberEats is. Click here to join and earn a $400 sign up bonus: https://www.bit.ly/JoinUberEats

Riding on the roads in Brisbane, particularly summer and on a Friday and moments before a lockdown isn’t the worst. I was yelled at by some bogans in a ute, which is a pretty standard issue here. Maybe for Europeans it’s hard to imagine – a cyclist coping abuse for riding a bicycle. But unfortunately this is the culture we have… In some ways I do prefer our way of riding over Europe’s. Here cycling is more a sport than a pure means of transport. Yeah there’s some cross-over – sometimes it’s both.

Following the GPS. Google Maps is integrated with the UberEats app. Nothing beats local knowledge. I usually zoom in to see where I’m headed and follow my own local knowledge for 80% of the way. It’s safer, faster and easier this way. Once you get close to the destination Google Maps will do the rest.
Once you’ve arrived. Drop the bags. Leave a message and go. Too easy!

How to get a tip? 💡

Pre-written thank you message. Within the app there’s a feature to attach text to the drop off note. As part of your pre-ride check, copy your thank you message into your phone’s memory and simply paste it on every order. It works.

Another tip? When it’s really hilly just jump on the foot path. At least in Brisbane this is allowed. It’s OK to do this. In other states I understand you’re not allowed on the footpath. I know the UK and Germany is really funny about this but here in Brisbane it’s fine.
A few orders came out of this area. A beautiful plaza with unique restaurants and a village feel. Over the past 3 months just gone life was finally returning to this cute spot.

I’m in a familiar little nook in suburbia. But there’s a restaurant I’ve not heard of before. At pickup we get talking. I tell her how impressed I was to see the restaurant is already on UberEats and has just popped up. She explains she’s shocked – to have just opened a business only to then go into lockdown. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get some orders!”.

I know of another café nearby which only recently opened. They’ve just been robbed too – after their “best day ever”. They would have now just discovered this morning they’re out of pocket for a whole 3 days (over a weekend). Poor guys.

Some restaurants have – literally – a hole in the wall for pick up / deliveries. I like that.
Somewhere to rest your bag. Thank you / Suur Aitäh Bolt Food. I’ve still got the bag here in Australia. 🤣
I take a moment to admire my bike and setup. It’s probably more expensive than some of my “customers” cars. LOL. I’d love to do UberEats on an eBike though. Now that would be easy money.

How Much Cycling and How Much Money?

Data provided by Strava.
An idea of the earnings: $13.56 on 1 double order which involved 3K of cycling. $68.53 for the day. $103.87 this week so far. Sound like something you’d like to do too? Click here to join and earn a $400 sign up bonus: https://www.bit.ly/JoinUberEats
  • 32: Kilometers
  • 18: Average Speed (km/h)
  • 437: Elevation
  • 10: Deliveries
  • $68.53: Dollars
  • 4: Hours (this is logged in time – not cycling time – time includes me sitting on my couch doing other “work”)
  • 1.46: Hour, Minutes cycling time.
The calm after the storm.

After a good handful of deliveries I called it a day and headed home. A little light rain helped bring some calm and cool to an otherwise busy and productive day. It was a real treat to see the roads, finally empty.

🍕 Looking to Join UberEats? $400 new signup reward on offer: https://www.bit.ly/JoinUberEats

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