UberEats Lockdown Day 3/3

We’re finally here. Day 3 of 3. If you haven’t read the other blogs about UberEats refer to Day 1 and Day 2 too. Otherwise read on about the final day delivering UberEats during Brisbane’s lockdown and how much I earnt!

Instead of coffee today begins with beetroot… Apparently it goes together with cycling and food delivery just as much as coffee does.

Bolt Food Bag, Blog and Beetroot.
Coffee in my Australian KeepCup. Did you know many cafés in Brisbane will give you a discount on your coffee if your bring this cup or something similar with you? There’s a few other brands around but the original is the best. Buy a KeepCup here: https://amzn.to/3oBISRu

Let’s talk about the deliveries and the final earnings.

UberEats App Sign In & Map

Signing on this morning and for the first time the UberEats app asks me to take a selfie with my mask on. It’s not that I support mask wearing or anything but it’s the law and needless to say breaking the law while doing deliveries will most likely get you booted off the platform. I have to comply… I check the areas around me and there’s a few boosts throughout the day. By the end of the day I earnt $25.97.

Canyon Road Bike for UberEats Delivery in Shopping Centre.

One advantage to riding during a lockdown and further – in the suburbs as opposed to the city is the amount of space you have. Shopping centres were basically empty during the deliveries so it was really easy to carry my bike right in up to the cafés / restaurants. I sometimes use a bicycle lock but of course it’s heavy. Weight does matter on a job like this so if I can lose a few KG the easy way (less stuff) – I do it. The down side is that bicycle security becomes an issue as does the jobs I can accept. Still, I prefer having my bicycle with me. But when I do lock it – I use a Hip Lock.

Hip Lock

An interesting job awaited pickup from a local franchise café. It looked to be several coffees jam packed into a bag – balancing on top of one another. For the most part these plastic plugs which go into the lid prevented spillage. Still, I can’t quite understand why this café didn’t just use 2 separate bags…

The pile of coffees tucked into a brown paper bag.
Stacked on top of each other.

There was a tiny bit of spillage. Nothing major. I told the customer if he wasn’t happy he could easily report an issue with the order and that I had taken photos of the packaging as proof to support him. He seemed fine with it and I rolled out for more orders.

UberEats and McDonalds Restaurant.
UberEats in a shopping centre.

Most of the day was spent bouncing between McDonalds and a couple of quiet cafés located within an almost empty shopping centre. It was an uneventful day and the orders were fairly easy. A calm end to 3 days of UberEats during the 3 day lockdown in Brisbane.

Sunset in a quiet Brisbane alleyway. By Monday 6PM the lockdown was lifted in Brisbane although masks and other restrictions around social distancing remained in place for a further 10 days.

Here are my UberEats earnings:

  • Day 1: 32.25 Kilometres.
  • Day 2: 40.49 Kilometres.
  • Day 3: 28.95 Kilometres.
  • Total Payout: $158.75 (includes 4 deliveries outside these 3 days).

Would I do it again?

100%. Absolutely. UberEats is easy money!

Looking to Join UberEats? $400 new sign up reward on offer: https://www.bit.ly/JoinUberEats

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