24 Hours in Vienna

Vienna Airport to Central

There’s an airport train for about 20€ but if you want to be smart, take an ÖBB train, a local regular Austrian one. Directly from the airport station to WHBF Wien Hauptbahnhof / Central. It takes about 20 minutes and feels like a first class carriage. Actual first class has a restaurant. Tip: buy from the red ticket machines near the platform. Skip the massive queues in the airport. Cost:🚆4.30€.

Cost of Groceries in Vienna

I thought I was beating the system. Arriving late, I decided to pick up some groceries with the idea of cooking a quick pasta dish and going to bed. Fail. My Hostel didn’t have a stove top. Hopefully it’ll stay good til Budapest… Cost: 🍝 5.67€ (Penne pasta, vegan sauce and dry parmesan cheese).

Interspar directly under Wien Hauptbahnhof. Would have been a good idea otherwise. Check your Hostel before buying groceries.

Arriving late to Vienna

As I arrived late and tired to Vienna I decided to take another Bolt because I was pretty tired. 4 kilometres in the dark. When you use Bolt you need to keep in mind the prices vary from country to country. Welcome to Vienna. Cost: 🚕13.30€.

Jo&Joe is Vienna’s best Hostel

Probably one of the best Hostels I’ve seen, period. Within a massive IKEA building, it’s infact like part of IKEA itself. My dorm is dark, massive, has a view to a courtyard but the bed itself needs mention. USB Type-C ports, privacy blinds, hotel style sheets. Fantastic. Have a look at the pictures and just for yourself. The only downside would be lack of a stove top so I couldn’t cook. But of course they have a restaurant and bar ready to take your money. Customer service is top notch A+. Cost: 🍔🥃16.70€ + Towel 2€ + 👕 Laundry Washing Machine, Dryer & Soap: 9€. 🧃Juice 4€, Accommodation 34€.

Burger & Kombucha.
Cost: 🍔🥃 16.70€ in Jo&Joe Hostel.
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna
Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna

Plans for tomorrow and ticket to Budapest

Check-out is early, 10:00 AM. I want to see a few things tomorrow in Vienna before heading to Budapest. I’ve purchased a train ticket using Omio, leaving at 2:37 PM. Cost: 🚆51.80€. I’ve saved my hit list in Google Maps. I hope I can pull it off in time. Nothing opens in Europe before 10-11 AM. 🤞

How to see a lot in a short period of time…

  • Save points of interest (POI) in Google Maps.
  • Create a paper or notes list of POI.
  • Note opening hours for each POI.
  • Visit all non-hour sensitive POIs (landmarks, statues, bridges, neighbourhoods) before 10:00 when everything else starts to open.
  • Organise in a logical pathway. Use a map.
  • Get a Lime Bicycle or a Scooter. Don’t rely on trams and buses unless you’re with a local who knows the place well.

Getting around Vienna

Cost: ⚡🚲 23.90€ – probably one of the most expensive eBike rentals I’ve ever ridden. However, a very efficient way to get around. Discount here: https://lime.bike/referral/RGZP4AL

University of Vienna

Just prior to this trip I finish DD127 Economics in Context, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it then fitting to drop into Friedrich Hayek’s old stomping ground. Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria.

University of Vienna.


Here’s a thousand words why you should wing by Graben district.

Hundertwasser House

Hundertwasser House was not interesting to me personally but other tourists seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps some might find this whacky architecture edgy and controversial, a little too gimmicky I thought. It’s been done before. Tourist orientated café inside. I didn’t bother. Each to there own.

This power supply panel is interesting.

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Dropped into Uni, this time – WU, University of Economics and Business. Lots of modern architecture. Surrounded by green areas. Café inside. Friendly service as usual. WU is at Welthandelspl. 1, 1020 Wien, Austria. You can visit outside European business hours (10-11+) as it is an architectural landmark in its own right.

Cup of coffee and a croissant. Cost: ☕🥐 5.20€

Domkirche St. Stephan

Located on Stephanplatz 3. It opens early. The view is worth it. Over 400 steps up a narrow spiral. Barely enough room for people to pass. Recommend you go as early as possible to avoid crowds which might make things difficult if you’re claustrophobic.

View from Domkirche St. Stephen – South Tower.

Esperanto Museum

Vienna is home to many Museums. Don’t let that put you off. Many are interactive, modern, clean and have incorporated other points of interest from cafés, observation decks or perhaps a simple courtyard. On Herrengasse 9 is a global museum which has a permanent Esperanto exhibition. Interactive components include a cartoon (designed to teach Esperanto), audio sets and a Pacman game (with a focus on grammar built in). For those if you not familiar, Esperanto is a “made up” (or constructed) language invented by revered L.L. Zamenhof. As I understand it, Esperanto is a fusion of several European languages but influence from Latin, German and Polish is clearly visible. Esperanto was created to serve as an international tongue, unlike French or English, Esperanto has consistent spelling and grammar. The language has a troubling history to say the least. It’s designed to be easy for all. Here’s a couple photos from the exhibition:

MQ Libelle (Observation Deck)

Museumsplatz 1/5, 1070 Wien, Austria. Entry to the observation deck is free. I had a Pils. Cost: 🍺 5€. It’s attached to Leopold Museum. General area is surrounded by Museums and various imposing monuments.

How much does Vienna cost?

Total (approximate) expenses: 111€ in 24 Hours. Transport was expensive as I didn’t have the time to casually walk around and wait for buses and trams. All things considered it might have been cheaper overall if I stayed an extra day.

We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish.

Friedrich Hayek

Next? Budapest

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