P2P Investing in the Baltic States

Peer-to-peer (P2P) investing is a growing trend in the Baltic States, offering an alternative form of investment to traditional financial intermediaries. In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, P2P lending platforms have gained popularity for personal and small business loans, providing borrowers with a cost-effective way to access finance and investors with the opportunity to earn returnsContinue reading “P2P Investing in the Baltic States”

Vienna to Budapest

To prelude my culture shock vignette with gratitude: Budapest did turn out to be an interesting place. Two places in fact (Buda and Pest), so doubly interesting. My favourite side was Buda – countless, picturesque landmarks and an instagram-able urban landscape. Pest was an alternative hipster-bar district, although a little confronting at first glance. I’mContinue reading “Vienna to Budapest”

Christmas In Estonia

Christmas in Estonia (Jõulud Eestis) goes way back. In 1441 the Black Heads guild erected Europe’s first decorated Christmas tree on Tallinn’s Raekoja Plats. Today the medieval old town hosts a famous Christmas market with a large tree smack bang in the centre. The historical claim is not without some contention. Back in the day,Continue reading “Christmas In Estonia”

24 Hours in Vienna

Vienna Airport to Central There’s an airport train for about 20€ but if you want to be smart, take an ÖBB train, a local regular Austrian one. Directly from the airport station to WHBF Wien Hauptbahnhof / Central. It takes about 20 minutes and feels like a first class carriage. Actual first class has aContinue reading “24 Hours in Vienna”

24 Hours in Riga

Bus from Estonia to Riga, Latvia I took the LuxExpress bus from Viljandi, Estonia to Riga, Latvia via Pärnu. The bus was spacious, modern and calmly driven. Its a short trip to Pärnu from Viljandi, around an hour. Thanks to the large windows you can enjoy the flat but otherwise colourful autumn landscape. Green spruce,Continue reading “24 Hours in Riga”

Pasta Carbonara: Italians in Australia.

Meet Irina of Tuscany, a vespa riding Italian chef émigré to Australia. Together, we share a bottle of wine with her French partner who has just arrived from Alice Springs (by car) and a German exchange student enrolled at Bond University. In our shared Airbnb, Irina cooks a vegetarian carbonara pasta dish. The recipe isContinue reading “Pasta Carbonara: Italians in Australia.”

UberEats Lockdown Day 3/3

We’re finally here. Day 3 of 3. If you haven’t read the other blogs about UberEats refer to Day 1 and Day 2 too. Otherwise read on about the final day delivering UberEats during Brisbane’s lockdown and how much I earnt! Instead of coffee today begins with beetroot… Apparently it goes together with cycling andContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 3/3”

UberEats Lockdown Day 2/3

Good morning! As always we’ll start the day with coffee. Straight black. “All the Euros drink Espresso”. After coffee we’re going to deliver somewhere else. We’re leaving delivery jobs in the suburbs of Brisbane. Instead – we’re going to do what the foreigners do – head straight to the CBD. Brisbane City that is. Let’sContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 2/3”

UberEats Lockdown Day 1/3

It’s a slow Friday morning. I’m avoiding logging in to my “regular job” after a busy week. Overcast clouds, a little rain and a perfect coffee in hand set the morning’s mood. “Mate, are you watching the news? Bro. We’re locking down for 3 days. COVID”. So you guessed it – I did the UberEatsContinue reading “UberEats Lockdown Day 1/3”

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